Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pangong Lake

Pangong is the most famous lake of Ladakh region. It runs to a length of 135 Kilometers! Almost half o f the lake lies in China and the other half remains with us. It is set in a location rivalling the paradise. It is said that if one patiently waits for bright sunshine one can see the entire Vibgyor in the waters of the lake. Since it was partly cloudy, we could only see few shades of Blue. The water was crystal clear and one can see the bottom at the point he stands.

This lake apart from millions of tourists, caught the imagination of Mani Ratnam sir, he shot the ‘Satrangi Re’ song entirely in Ladakh. One can see glipses of the Shey palace in the ruins in the background , however most of the song is shot at the Pangong lake. Btw the MTV roadies where the Karizma is burning in the background of a lake and mountains was also shot here.

As mentioned in the Changla story in the blog, we had failed in an earlier attempt to reach Pangong lake. Hence it had boiled down to the last day before we left from Ladakh, as none of us wanted to miss it at any cost. It was worth the wait and the struggle over Changla.

Apparently the chinese and Indian soldiers near this border are very friendly unlike the other border with Pakistan. They meet on few occasions of the year and exchange gifts and other cultural artefacts. There are also events when Indian soldiers are invited over and vice versa. Since it is J & K, non locals are not allowed to visit the villages on the border.

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  1. superb man....I guess you had one of the finest experiences of your life in ladakh....would love to go there If i ever get a chance..'paradise on earth' isnt a myth.