Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Motor cycle Diaries Part 1 - Chilling !

As a teen (that was long time ago ) when I used to drool over the Avenger ad when the guy drives past majestic mountains on an awesome bike .. the ad goes with a cool jingle and ends with a great tagline “FEELS LIKE GOD ! “. The ad is etched in my memory, and I guess so is the case with most of the people in my age group. I wanted to experience such thing and tried a 500 km drive in Hyderabad… which was good but not a god level experience.

The wish was fulfilled when we went to Ladakh. We wanted to drive around to Pangong lake and went hunting for bikes. We had a discussion about which ones to chose, not that we had a great choice .. we just had to chose between Pulsar, Karizma, Royal Enfield .

Due to a brilliant “Diversification of portfolio” strategy by a budding financial whiz kid among us – Harsh .. we ended up taking a Pulsar along with 2 Royal , Royal Enfields.

Feel Like God !

BRO Rocks !

We visited Gurudwara Pathar Sahib on the way. It had a legend that Guru Nanak had visited the place and he was meditating on a rock. There was a demon who lived nearby and he once rolled a huge rock onto Nanak Sahib. The rock passed through him and had an imprint of his body. Guru Nanak then won over the Demon who later was either slain or became his disciple … the basic point is that the gurudwara is very old!

The Sikh regiment of Indian Army maintains it and it was renovated after the success of Operation Vijay as thanks to the Guru.

Pathar Sahib

Kheer at Langar was a welcome break from usual drab of Dal - Chawal !

Having a lot of time and tankfull of petrol at our disposal we started driving aimlessly. We saw a beautiful confluence of two rivers. Both of them were of different shades and the view was beautiful.

Majestic View

Confluence ( A - Don't Sue me ! )

Courtesy : Satyendra Singh

Monks going to a monastery across the river

Chilling story:

As we started driving away from the river confluence, we saw a board saying Chilling 26 Kms. Some one made an idyllic remark saying we will drive till there and return. Others added saying “I want to have chai samosa there” … I told Sunny that we should get the air pressure checked and may be get the brakes tightened etc …

We kept driving and realised that driving 26 Kms on mountainous road is certainly going to take more time than on plain highways. After reaching the place … we were greeted with a Board saying Chilling 0 km. That’s it !! There was not even an animal to be seen around the place. We had a nice laugh about Harsh’s samosa chai and started returning.

We met few labourers though who had been working there since 2 years building roads for BRO. Expectedly some of them sounded cuckoo and that their mental faculties had given away , being in such environment all be themselves.

to be contd ...

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