Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Landing at Ladakh!

These Compre's !!
Along With the tiresome Compre’s , the wait to go to Ladakh was also over.
The trip began with frantic shopping at the Alfa market in Andheri. The shopkeepers shot weird looks as we were hunting for Thermals and heavy jackets in the beginning of summer in Mumbai, which hardly knows what winter is. We got some directions to a shop in Crawford market near V.T from Jiban Sir, but didn’t make it as it shuts at 6 PM.
I decided to ship for my Jacket in Delhi which proved to be a good decision as I got it for half the price as that of Mumbai.
Finally we took off for Leh with a stopover at Delhi. The Metro of Delhi is out of this world and obviously on e of the best in the world. The efforts of the Delhites in maintaining the neatness is commendable.
The spotless Rajeev Chowk station reminded me of what I read about E Sreedharan’s remark, the pioneer of Konkan railway and the Delhi Metro “ I Sweep my fingers twice, once against the floor of the station and once on the floor of the train” . It reflected what he wanted “A better than World class transit system”. A visit to C.P almost gave me an eye sore staring hard at the Delhi beautiesJ.
It was followed by a customary trip to India Gate , Rashtrapati Bhawan sealing it with a wonderful dinner at Andhra Bhawan with my old pal Vishwapathi who is graduating from FMS to join Wrigleys.
Me and Viswa
I also got some Marketing gyaan and usual bunch of ‘tips’ on how to hit the coming internship and thereafter placements.
The next morning we left for the Delhi Airport to catch the Leh flight. Being used to the world class Shamshabad airport at Hyderabad, Delhi airport was mighty disappointing. The serpentine queues seemed never ending. The agony of waiting in the lines which never seemed to end was put to an end by ‘A call to all the passengers flying Kingfisher to Leh’ and mutters of ‘Lucky buggers’ from others in the queue.

After boarding the flight there was a scuttle between my and my friend for the window seat, which seemed worthwhile by the time we reached over the mountain ranges. It was like a magnificent blanket of snow. It seemed never ending and it seemed beyond imagination. We started clicking our cameras wildly and was followed by enquiries by our fellow passengers ‘ Is it your first trip to Leh’ followed by ‘aaah , I knew it !’.
Finally we arrived in Leh !!