Wednesday, May 20, 2009


If you want to learn one word in Ladakhi - Make it Ju-Le (pronounced as joolay). This is a multi purpose word which can means anything under the sun. for eg:

  • Jule – Good morning
  • Jule – Good Afternoon
  • Jule- Good night
  • Jule – Hello / Hi Jule – Thanks
  • Jule – Welcome
  • Jule – Good bye…. The list goes on.
This is said in a very sing song manner especially by the ladies. There were atleast a hundred variants of saying the word which we encountered during our stay.
The people here are extremely cordial and very helpful. They smile almost non stop and look very happy. This was a welcome change from the hustle bustle of Mumbai where everyone has a frown on their face as if only their life is screwed up. This is some thing we can learn from the people of Ladakh that they manage to stay so happy despite the tough conditions they live under.
The Leh market is good but unfortunately most of the stores and the restaurants were closed down during our first visit to the market. They started opening up gradually as the days progressed and slowly tourists started trickling in. One thing you have to do invariably is to BARGAIN ! Since they are used to fleecing the tourists they quote a price which is usually twice or sometimes thrice the actual price!
We visited the Chokhang Vihara in the market. It was well bu2ful! Like every other shop or building in the market, it was inaugurated by His holiness The Dalai Lama the 14th.

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